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Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

2021 seems to have flown by, and just like that, December is back. Which means one thing. Mariah Carey will be blessing our ears all month long 🎶😌 In all seriousness, the Christmas vibes are all around us at this point. Lights are going up, trees are being decorated, and the gifts are starting to pile up under it. Whether you're the type of gift-giver that plans months ahead, or the kind that waits until the last possible second, we're here to make this Holiday Season the least stressful one yet, at least- when it comes to gift-giving. We're not magicians, yet!😉

Here's our top 5 gifts of the season:

Let's start with the classic. Our Solo Box. (Price Point: 19-29€)

- The Solo Box comes in different shapes and colours with a single preserved rose. Choose between our Square Acrylic box , Square Solo box in white, or one of our three colors of round boxes; pink, blue or beige. Combine with the colour roses of your choice and you've created the perfect recipe for small luxury.

What we like about this box?

+ Your gift will last for up to three years, reminding the recipient of your thoughtfulness for a very long time.

+ Its size! It's ideal when you don't have much space, sitting on a desk, on your bedside table..

+ With its many different combinations, you can completely make this fit the persons personality. Some solo boxes can even be personalised.

We started the list small but strong, and we're far from being done. Let's move on to number 2:

- Our Preserved Rose on Pearl Chain (Price: was €33.00 now €16.50) is THE perfect Christmas gift. (Pssst, it's even on sale right now! yes, NOW! 💃🏻 The Chain is the perfect decoration on your Christmas tree. And since the rose will last for a while, you can hang it up in your car until the next time you set up your tree. Enjoy it every day of the year.

What we like about this box?

+ Your gift will last, ready to be used on your Christmas tree the year after too!

+ Did we mention it's on sale? Like, now? 🤷🏼

+ Comes in three colours: pink, white and red.

-Joining the list at a stellar third place, make room for this showstopper that happens to also be our best-seller (with good reason) : our Love At First Sight box. (Price: 225 €)

The epitome of Romance and Luxury; with its silk box and preserved roses that spell I LOVE YOU. The Box was made to be gifted to your loved one, anyone you love. Life is short, life can feel lonely. Don't miss an opportunity to tell the ones who make it sweeter, exactly how you feel.

Where our words sometimes fall short, this box never misses the beat. We have a special sweet spot for the red roses in this one, but it's entirely up to you! Choose the colors of the roses, add a special message in the box (a Christmas proposal maybe? 💍 We won't spoil the surprise🤫)

What we like about this box?

+ This box is a unique design. It's original and takes it to the next level.

+ The WOW factor. This box is 60cm long, you can't miss it under the Christmas Tree!

+ Again, you personalise it the way you want it to be. Colour of roses, personalised message...

-We're almost there, but not quite... On forth, discover our Floral Foam creations.

From the more unique Minnie in a box or Floral Dogs to our more common RoseBears ( in a variety of sizes ) , we put love and care into each one of these creations. Carefully handmade, in more colors than you can count on your fingers, there truly is a combination for anyone. Enclosed in its elegant transparent box, the floral foam roses on these will last a lifetime. Add your personal message on the box, or don't, our Floral Foam creations have brought, and continue to bring, smiles around the world and love in your hearts and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it.

Lastly, a special one for the last minute gift givers 😬, the forgetful ones🤕, or if you're simply not sure what to get .. Our Electronic GiftCard is the go-to choice for you.

You choose the amount, you check out, and the present is immediately delivered to the persons' email inbox and valid for a year.

And that's it for our Top 5 Christmas Holiday Gift Guide.

Haven't found the one for you? Scroll through our website, we have so much more.

From Christmas themed led lamps, to our soy wax scented candles...

If you've managed to get through our list, thank you for being here.

If you choose us to bring smiles to your loved ones this Christmas season, we are so grateful.

If you have any questions or thoughts, reach out to us. We're here to help!

Order online or pass by our Store in Antwerp.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Pretty Little Roses - PLT BY M.

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