A pretty gift for a special day

Welcome everyone to my dream come true! Time flies by, that is why I believe everyone should have a little something to remind them of a joyous occasion; a birth, a wedding, a birthday or even just a happy day. 

Something that will forever stay.

The website and the instagram will be regularly updated and improved with handmade products and collections of handpicked products that are available to order, so visit my giftshop often to be sure you never miss a great piece! You can always join the newsletter to be one of the first to receive updates on upcoming products or codes for discounts.


The possibility to order a bigger quantity or to create a special item just for you is available. If you have any custom requests, questions, feedback,... feel free to send an email (info@pltbym.com) and I will get back to you.

The option to pick up in Antwerp, Belgium is available for free on appointment (email me).

Thank you for choosing me to make your memories last a little longer.


Lots of love,