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BS-414 Gold Chrome Balloon Arch with Euc

Balloon Arrangements

Balloon arrangements are available for pick-up in Antwerp, Berchem or for delivery in Antwerp only.

To order just contact us: 

Whatsapp: 0475200646


You can also purchase the balloons not inflated in store, ask for pricing

You can find examples on this page, prices are for inflated balloons, get in touch if you have any other idea that you do not see here! 

Model 1

Personalised Bubble Balloon standing (50cm diameter):


*Choose color mini balloons inside 

*Choose what's written on the balloon and in which color 

*Choose balloon color stand

Price 45€

Model 1 Deluxe OPTION 

Add mini balloon garland on the side 

Price +20€ 

Model 2 

Flowerbox with Balloon

Add a Personalised bubble balloon to any flowerbox (60cm diameter)


*Choose color mini balloons inside 

*Choose what's written on the balloon and in which color 


Price Flowerbox +30€ for the balloon

Model 3 - HELIUM 

* Choose colors mini balloons 

* Choose balloon theme: 

-Happy Birthday 



-Disney Princesses (as on picture) 



-Christmas theme 

Price 20€ ​

Send us a message if you would like more pictures

Model 4 - HELIUM 

90cm Foil Heart personalised

Options Heart: 

*Red, *Purple, *Pink, *Gold, *Ombré Blue, *Green, *Blue, *Ombré Pink, Silver


Options Letters:

Add numbers or up to 3 initials (gold or silver) 

Price: 45€ ​

Model 5 - HELIUM 

Personalised bubble balloon with miniature balloons or feathers

 60cm with helium 

Completely customisable 

Price: 40

Model 6 

Balloon Mosaïcs 

*Any Letter or Number

*Choose Color balloons

Order a week in advance

Price: 90€

Model 7 - HELIUM 

Bouquet of heart-shaped foil balloons

Colours available (you can mix) 

*Red, *Orange, *Blue, *Hot Pink, *Gold, *Silver, *Light Pink,

*Rose Gold


1 piece - 10€​​

5 pieces - 45€

10 pieces - 80€

Model 8 -  HELIUM 

Number balloons available in gold or silver 

size: 101cm high

If you order in advance, we can have different sizes and colors

Price: 20€​​ per number ( 6,95 for unfilled letters) 

Model 9 -  HELIUM 


*Tiger, Snake, Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe

*Gold or Rose Gold 

Price 20​​​​​​€

Model 10 -  HELIUM 

Baby Balloons

* Girl or Boy? 10€ per piece 

* Blue or Pink Heart 10€ per piece

* Blue or Pink Onesie (60cm) 20€ per piece 

* Bear Ballon inside transparent bubble (60cm) 30€ per piece

Model 10 -  HELIUM 

Candy Heart Balloons




Price 11,50